Sly Cooper: Character Spotlight

While my focus on Sly 4 was predominantly texturing environments, I painted a few characters as well. All textures are hand painted, and have color, spec and normal maps.


Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice Down the Rabbit Hole is a personal project that I have been working on in my spare time. My objectives for this project are to build on my current skill set by learning new techniques through tutorials, to practice and improve my digital painting and modeling skills, and of course, the personal satisfaction that comes from creating art.

The final product will be a series of still shots depicting the point in the story where Alice, while falling down the hole, peers into a jar of Orange Marmalade and finds it empty. My stylistic goals are cartoony, yet believable, with a spark of whimsy, established by exaggerated proportions and intriguing props. My props list includes an oil painting of the White Rabbit; an abandoned tea setting; tables, chairs and book shelves held to the tunnel wall with vines; and book titles such as: “100 Things to do While Falling Down a Well”, “Potions: Big & Small”, and “Mastering Pocket Watch Repairs”.

You can see more of Alice at the project blog: